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St John of God’s school project

Last Friday we did a few scenes with the class, we had technical issues with the camera, so I drove back to our college to get help from Fergus, when I got back to the school, we were able to start the students at the screen shots for Polly the prankster.  While I were gone the students worked on the computer with our college team. We will be with them again tomorrow, and hopefully get the whole film completed.



St John of God’s project

We had a meeting in which we became informed, about the class. This help’s when you arrive at the class. We worked with the pupils for the posters. The pupils I were with worked on the computer using different filters and settings on a picture taken of some pupils, doing the film plot.  We also had a voting for the posters five students made to see which one was the most preferred. Two got picked, and I took pictures of them, I will post also on this page later on.  The package we used on the computer for the photo was from photoshop, the pupils took turns in picking different settings. The picked size of pen brush or outlines on the photo, some picked graphic or water paints were picked by others. The hue saturation was applied and text were added to this photo. Eventually they were happy with the outcome of it. Two out of our group filmed the next piece of the film script, out of the class room, for the film; four of us stayed in the class room with the rest of the pupils, and one student stayed with us and also joined film crew. The teacher also stayed and worked with a certain amount of students for confirmation. I brought the camera down for them to the school and back again by car, as it is heavy to carry walking, I have done this on a few other occasions also.

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Hi All (Project from St John of God School)

I were up before break of dawn today to hear the symphonies of the birds, and take some pictures of the scenic views.

I am really enjoying the break away from college here in Graiguenamanagh. We are here for a week doing work for a book we intend to write. We will miss out on St John of God project this week and it was cancelled last week. The week before I did go but nobody else came I did not realise it were cancelled, that week also. I know we had the exhibition that week, so we all could not go, but I was able to, but when nobody else arrived I did not do it alone.

I hope all goes well for them this week without the Art students from painting and sculpture though the Art students from the Media Art said they will go this week. 

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Project on St. John of God: school

We are progressing with making the film for the project with St. John of God’s school, The project began with fifth and sixth class girls.  We divided out the class each week, where different questions and discussions were made with each group. Eventually the class decided on Polly the Prangster for the film. A certain day was set for the students to participate on which person got certain parts. The main part was Polly, Teacher, Cleaner, and Principle. all the students received a part to do in the film. Some students were directors or friends of polly. Other students were given the job of using the camera to film each scene. We have one scene filmed now. This is of polly running down the stairs and she gets caught by her teacher.  The principle gives out to her, explaining she is being given time to become expelled in this scene also.  The students also made posters, and glue for the play.  Outfits were also wore by the students for the film.  







This is images made by four students making posters for the play.

Each student picked a different part of the play for their poster. Their were five posters made, by five individual students.  I sat at the desk beside them as they did this work.  Each student had their own story about their poster. They were told one of the posters would be picked. I heard some students asking which poster was picked this week. I told them I hope all the posters get picked.  One student had polly in the class room in her poster. Another student had Polly in the hall. While one had polly outside the classroom, and a second one also used the classroom for her poster. I told them they are all lovely, They used colored pencils and black outlines in their art.  One student added students sitting at the desk in the class room with Polly standing up on her poster. Another student had Polly in the class room with the desks and chairs empty, but did not put any other Students in the poster. Two students had Polly on her own as main part of the poster, and the fifth Student had Polly at end part of the play in her poster.  Each student wrote a expression of what they thought Polly felt or represented on their poster.

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