A Quaker cemetery in Aberdeenshire

Interesting, will have to check it out!!!

Writing from Scotland

Yesterday morning found me happily knitting and reading on the train to Aberdeenshire, to visit my friend Roobeedoo.  We had a great visit, and amongst other things she took me to the Quaker cemetery in Kinmuck.  It was established in 1680, and I think it reflects the order and simplicity of Quaker beliefs:

The dates on the gravestones don’t have the names of the months, but their numbers –  “4 month 15th” meaning “April 15th”:

As always when looking at 19th-century gravestones, we saw many of people who had died young.

In earlier days there was a problem with the medical students of the University of Aberdeen coming to raid the graveyard for dissectable bodies, so the Quakers used a kist to keep their dead in until they were safely buried.

My hostess was strangely shy about having her photo taken – don’t you love her cardigan?  It’s the…

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