When celebration change to tragedy

The incident took place in the Community Centre Lecarrow.  A newly built Center, which had just being opened a few months.   Two of my brothers were taking part in the celebration for a match in Hurling for Saint Dominics. 


Patrick my older brother was also the captain of the team.  Patrick was a class player; he could run the full length of the pitch, with a style, that no player could match; achieving score on numerous of occasions.  It is hard to believe he lost his life, on the same day as they celebrated their victory. 


The papers reported the incident as a dreadful tragedy that should not have happened.  It started out being a night out and if only the Ambulance were phoned sooner, If the guards had stayed and not just drove away, after they arrived.


When we arrived at the Community building the doors was jammed, with onlookers. I stood watching for the guards thinking they will sort it out, but was very disappointed when seen them leave as quick as they came.


A by stander told me the Guards know the danger of these tough guys, that is why they drove away. They have chains and knives, and they have being in situations like this before.


Eventually Patrick was rescued but he was unconscious and severely beaten, The Ambulance had just arrived, he was rushed to the hospital, but died on same night.  


I thought back on the incident wondering how it could be approached with a better view.


A bus brought these punks from Athlone, but they only came to fight as they brought weapons with them.  Why were they allowed in to the Celebration, they had caused same type of fights before, in near by centers, I was told on same night, by a bystander.


The Guards were aware of them, and knew to avoid the situation, because of other incidents. I should have recalled the Guards, because my brother is who became the victim.


I possibly would have done better if I squeezed through, the crowd and found my brother myself.


I should have not listened to my friend to wait outside for my brother, telling me he will rescue him, because if I came inside, he would then have two to rescue not one, he told me, because these are tough guys, with knifes and chains.


It was as biased as the approach of the Guards, and I thought it were the right thing to do. I will now always wonder could I have made a better impact, for my brother’s life, if I went in to face these bullies. 


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