A copy of information for film in our project

FIS Film Project

St John of God-IT Carlow



Last week the children decide to do a rom-com film genre. They also vote for the story that

they prefer among all they imagine.

The story that they liked was about Wreck it Ralph. He is in a park when an alien in a flying

saucer comes and makes the clouds rain. Then a chiken flies above the clouds, makes a rainbow and

stops the rain. The imagined end would be that Wreck it Ralph and the chicken become best friend

or lovers.

The idea behind this story is that we can helph them to create a script with it, by making

parallels. For example, Wreck it Ralph symbolizes a character where his physical appearence doesn’t

match to who he is inside. He is an anti-hero.

We also have an imperative: we can only shoot the movie at school or in a park near the

school, which means that the children will only have two kind of settings.


1| 2| [ 3 ] 4| 5| 6| 7|

1: Introduction

It is a situation that introduce the character.

2: The problem

3: Events/Adventure

Different events where the character struggle in order to solve the problem.

4: Element of resolution/Solving the problem

The character found a resolution for solving the problem.

5: Climax

The highest moment in the movie, in an emotional point of view. Most of the time is when

the character is solving the problem.

6: Punch line

Bring smoothely the end.

7: The end


Elements :

– Hero: The main character is an anti-hero. It could be for example a pupil who likes to do

pranks and one day decides to stop.

– Aim: The aim of the movie can be on difference. Because the character is an antihero, she

wants to change but the other people will continue to see her as a prankster.

– End: The happy end should be about friendship, because we can’t really do a rom-com

happy ending.

– Settings: They can only shoot at shcoll and near school – a park.

With these elements, we can with the entire class try to find the main ideas for each steps of

the script. Then when they agree, the class should be split in 7 groups and wil try to write a step

-introduction or events…. .


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