Project on St. John of God: school

We are progressing with making the film for the project with St. John of God’s school, The project began with fifth and sixth class girls.  We divided out the class each week, where different questions and discussions were made with each group. Eventually the class decided on Polly the Prangster for the film. A certain day was set for the students to participate on which person got certain parts. The main part was Polly, Teacher, Cleaner, and Principle. all the students received a part to do in the film. Some students were directors or friends of polly. Other students were given the job of using the camera to film each scene. We have one scene filmed now. This is of polly running down the stairs and she gets caught by her teacher.  The principle gives out to her, explaining she is being given time to become expelled in this scene also.  The students also made posters, and glue for the play.  Outfits were also wore by the students for the film.  








This is images made by four students making posters for the play.

Each student picked a different part of the play for their poster. Their were five posters made, by five individual students.  I sat at the desk beside them as they did this work.  Each student had their own story about their poster. They were told one of the posters would be picked. I heard some students asking which poster was picked this week. I told them I hope all the posters get picked.  One student had polly in the class room in her poster. Another student had Polly in the hall. While one had polly outside the classroom, and a second one also used the classroom for her poster. I told them they are all lovely, They used colored pencils and black outlines in their art.  One student added students sitting at the desk in the class room with Polly standing up on her poster. Another student had Polly in the class room with the desks and chairs empty, but did not put any other Students in the poster. Two students had Polly on her own as main part of the poster, and the fifth Student had Polly at end part of the play in her poster.  Each student wrote a expression of what they thought Polly felt or represented on their poster.

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Project for St John of God

I really like being involved in the project with the class from the school. The students seem to really enjoy our presence. It is nice to see the participation of each student.  This week you could hear and see the excitement from the pupils of being the first class to ever make a film in the school. Words are not needed here to see the appreciation felt through the students participation.  To be aware of this is something I will be privileged to have being part of.  Every child is special this is captured within the excitement seen through all. Though one student felt sick that day so I seen her asking to leave. I hope she is involved more the next time we are their, I will keep an eye out for her myself.

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This week in the class project, the first part of the scene was shot or filmed. The students tried on the uniforms for the play.  All the children liked being involved, The students themselves used the camera and filmed Polly running down the stairs. At the bottom of the stairs she got caught by her teacher and the school principle.  The students shot the scene for three different angles. The first was at a side angle from the stairs. Also the same scene from camera facing stairs, and the third scene was just a close up of Polly.  The scene needed to be redone a few times as actors forgot their lines when the camera was on them, so we decided to do it without the camera for them to be more comfortable with the camera. It went well in the end and all were happy.  The first scene was done down stairs in the corridor of the school.                        

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Primary school project

Today we gave the pieces for polly the prankster to students to take part in the film.  A student was given a place as Polly, Teacher, Cleaner, Friends, Directors, and post production. All the students will get a part to do.  We also made posters, glue from slush, uniforms, and parts to act in. It was a very successful day, all students fully participated in their areas of participating in the film.