Project on St. John of God: school

We are progressing with making the film for the project with St. John of God’s school, The project began with fifth and sixth class girls.  We divided out the class each week, where different questions and discussions were made with each group. Eventually the class decided on Polly the Prangster for the film. A certain day was set for the students to participate on which person got certain parts. The main part was Polly, Teacher, Cleaner, and Principle. all the students received a part to do in the film. Some students were directors or friends of polly. Other students were given the job of using the camera to film each scene. We have one scene filmed now. This is of polly running down the stairs and she gets caught by her teacher.  The principle gives out to her, explaining she is being given time to become expelled in this scene also.  The students also made posters, and glue for the play.  Outfits were also wore by the students for the film.  


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