St John of God’s project

We had a meeting in which we became informed, about the class. This help’s when you arrive at the class. We worked with the pupils for the posters. The pupils I were with worked on the computer using different filters and settings on a picture taken of some pupils, doing the film plot.  We also had a voting for the posters five students made to see which one was the most preferred. Two got picked, and I took pictures of them, I will post also on this page later on.  The package we used on the computer for the photo was from photoshop, the pupils took turns in picking different settings. The picked size of pen brush or outlines on the photo, some picked graphic or water paints were picked by others. The hue saturation was applied and text were added to this photo. Eventually they were happy with the outcome of it. Two out of our group filmed the next piece of the film script, out of the class room, for the film; four of us stayed in the class room with the rest of the pupils, and one student stayed with us and also joined film crew. The teacher also stayed and worked with a certain amount of students for confirmation. I brought the camera down for them to the school and back again by car, as it is heavy to carry walking, I have done this on a few other occasions also.

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